about me

My name is Igor Pavlović,
I’m a Photographer.

Photography opened up another dimension of looking at the world around me.That constant observation, putting together the perfect frame in my head and most importantly, turning an idea into action is what excites me.


Some stories you cannot read. They are hidden in corner of the eye and behind one's smile.
Sometimes, you'll catch them in hair, wrapped around a finger.


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, I would say that beauty surrounds us, you just need to capture it in the right moment.


Lighting is our weapon, and its light is our ally. No matter what we want to achieve, we will use it to tell a good story through photography.


You never forget the experience and emotions you felt at that exact moment.
When memory of a certain event fades, you'll have a photo to remind you of that emotion.

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